Today’s Adventure: My very first for the rest of my life.

Jam Fact: I have blue eyes and I am not very good at technology. I could use other descriptors – like very limited, basic with a capital B or probably just not up to the task to describe my technology skills but not very good, pretty much I think, says it all.

Learning how to build my website and blog page using what the promo said,  were very easy tools was not so easy for this UNYOUNG JAM!

I started out with all the right positives whirling around in my head – I can do this, I understand that tutorial – both word and picture versions. I even ventured onto YOUTUBE – yes YOUTUBE – what a whole new world that is for this little UNYOUNG. But despite all the tech online support I could not build what I wanted, despite viewing the tutorials several times.

So to young man B I went and he had my website blog up and running within a couple of days. Definitely very good at technology!

And so here I am. The challenge now is – can I follow instructions and get the blog posted. 

Today’s adventure is a very quiet one, haven’t started cardiac rehab yet – so it’s a walk around our garden and stopping to smell the roses -well not literally as my roses have been pruned!  I have heard the saying “stop and smell the roses” many times but have never, now I think back, actually, purposefully done it.

So today is the day to adventure out with my little blue eyes wide open, my upmarket digital camera in hand and wander off to see what I can see and subsequently capture it for my adventure records.  [By my own admission I would class myself as just an amateur photographer, even after lessons with my very talented photographer Friend S but I do try to give it my best shot – no pun intended.

Surprises happen and revelations abound!  I have discovered that my rose bushes actually harbour some very surprising wild life – Heaps of spider webs in all shapes and sizes with dewdrops glinting in the sun.

This adventure walk has been an eye opener. I thought it would be all over  in 10 minutes but no – I returned inside the house contented and relaxed after almost an hour of wandering around ‘smelling the roses.’ This is exactly what my body needs to do to recover – have just a quiet, yet enlightening adventure.  My adventures, I’ve decided don’t have to be big ones – just ones that brighten my day and today it surely happened.

So even though it was a simple adventure I reckon it was a really excellent one for the first adventure of the rest of my life.

Until tomorrow my friends – be kind to yourself.

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