Adventure 2


JAM FACT. I love, well to be more honest, am mad about dark chocolate and luckily my new heart diet can still allow some once a week albeit a smidgen of what I use to devour but that’s better than none. And- I love going to Cottesloe Beach. 

It’s a beautiful Winter’s day here in my part of the world and MY J very kindly offered to take me for a relaxing drive to the seaside, to my favourite Cottesloe Beach; it’s some 90 minutes away from where we live so no mean feat to get there but how good was that offer – I was definitely up for it.

 We arrived at Cottesloe Beach before the sprinkling rains were upon us and what can I say – the outing has lifted my spirits no end. My heart was singing, my camera was whirring and my little blue eyes were looking everywhere!

A placid sea, pristine sands [although the winter swells have certainly washed some away] seagulls aplenty and lunch with a breathtaking view. What more could you want?  Maybe some dark chocolate to end a perfect day.Yes! I am in luck. MY J bought me some dark chocolate frogs to have for my weekly dark chocolate fix. Roll on Friday – that’s chocolate night! 

 Another really positively good thing about today was that my recovery is on track and I am back walking 15 minutes a day without puffing myself out. I will start Cardiac Rehab soon and that will be another plus. 

The sun will surely come up tomorrow and I’ll be here ready for another UNYOUNG JAM adventure.   It will have to be something really good to top today’s effort though.  

Until tomorrow – be kind to yourself. 

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