Chicken Swamp

Today’s Adventure: Cooking CHICKEN SWAMP
Jam Fact: I like to cook.

This morning it was very bleak and cold after the rains yesterday and I took the above photo whilst out doing my daily walk. Part of my Cardiac Rehab is to walk approx 7500 steps a day. I am making good progress as I am currently managing 6000 without too much stress so that is a real plus and it makes me feel good too. 

Last night I made a chicken soup – young L calls it Chicken Swamp. It smells really yummy when you first put it into the bowl. We really like it – it’s good for my heart too. 

I discovered that you should not take an overhead photo whilst the bowl is still steaming – so no photo of the very tasty Chicken Swamp -maybe next time.  

Hope your day has given you some special moments in time to remember. 

Until tomorrow. Take care and enjoy your day.