Jam Fact:I am 71 and cannot touch my toes. I am aiming however, to be able to touch my toes sometime in the next month. I intend to still be able to do it at 90 [because my Mum could] and also when I turn 100,  although I may be riddled with wrinkles by then and not a good look for the TV cameras to show but I reckon it will still be a newsworthy item. Headline caption -100 year old can touch toes.

Cardio Rehab. Yeah!

I have had 3 ‘Heart Attacks’ – 3 separate occasions when stents have been inserted in my Main Artery leading to my heart [the LAD] to clear the ‘runways’. The last was the scariest, as one of those little stents blocked himself up. Seeing as the stents  are supposed to keep everything clear that’s a bit of a worry but the plumbing is good again now so rehab here I come.

I have been to Cardio Rehab twice before but here I am, going again – The Recycled Participant. You would think by now that I could write the Program myself but participating is a good way for me to see that there are others just like me recovering from heart scares.[There is a 39 year old in the group]  The definite pluses for this adventure were: MY J shouted me lunch beforehand and smashed avocado is becoming an all time favourite eat. My heart loves it! And Physio S and the nurses were delighted to see me again. 

Session one was accomplished without any hiccups, my heart was happy, although I was a tad naughty in negotiating with Physio S about the size of the weights in my program. He wanted me to use 2 kilo weights – too heavy I said so we went with 1 kilo. I’ll do the heavier next week. I didn’t fall off the treadmill or bike in the process so that was definitely a plus and I reckon my heart is going to be healthy enough to complete the 6 week rehab program.

Until tomorrow. Enjoy your day.