Today’s Adventure: A Great Family Day Out to FREMANTLE.

JAM FACT: I love fish n chips.

MY J drove us to the “4 L’s” house and then we were chauffeured driven “L Uber” style to Fremantle where we planned to have a fish n chip lunch by the water. Well, talk about a crowd when we got there – there were people everywhere!  Just as well we didn’t drive ourselves as we would have lost patience trying to find a parking spot and most likely turned around and come home to our usual cafe in Mundaring to have our lunch!  I guess, what can you expect people wise,  when the winters day is a magical, sunny one here in beautiful WA. But the youngies are never daunted by such things as a crowd as we UNYOUNGS can be sometimes and so our oldest L kept driving along the foreshore, bumper to bumper and then lo and behold – a couple appeared out of the blue and backed out right in front of us and so oldest L claimed the parking spot. The Fish n Chip queue was long but it was worth the wait and a very nice meal was had by all. [ME no batter of course – the arteries no longer do batter and only a few chips but that’s OK]  We then wandered over to the park where the FERRIS WHEEL awaited – Yes UNYOUNG JAM would have a ride – so we waited a good 15 minutes to get on, all the time MY J worrying that it might stress my heart. Well I did stress a little but Teenage L and Young L wanted to go, so bravo here said yes me too, plus I was in if Mum L was going! It would be fair to say that half way up I wanted to get off but 4 turns later with my heart still in tack I climbed out feeling a little elated I must say. The view from the top was very definitely worth it even if my little blue eyes were on stalks! Gelatos all round saw us end our day at Fremantle. [Good that the gelatos were after the ride and not before. It would be fair to say that I don’t think my Rum n Raisin would have gone the distance if you know what I mean] 

Today’s adventure was special – both family wise and entertainment wise. Me on a Ferris wheel – who would have thought at 71.  I have to admit though that I only got the courage from the 3 L’s. Thank you Teenage L, Young L and Mum L. xx

Hope you have had a great day. Until tomorrow enjoy – whatever you are doing.