Today’s Adventure: Coffee making 

JAM FACT: I love Coffee now. I say now because I didn’t start drinking it until I was 68 years old. Hard to believe I know but it’s true.

Today’s adventure is learning how to use my new filtered coffee machine. But first to how I started being a coffee fan. Growing up I never drank hot drinks –a fad probably but I always was just happy with cold drinks. In my early twenties I did try both tea and coffee but just didn’t like the tastes. Weird but there it was and as time went on I had just the habit of not drinking coffee or tea somewhat ingrained in my persona.

When My J was in day hospital having some tests done I decided to kill the time by visiting the nearby stylish Claremont shopping centre. It was a very relaxing experience and after some very delightful window shopping I chose a nice looking cafe to partake in some lunch. I discovered eating on my own that I needed something to pass the time so I decided to watch the numerous clients, [both young and UNYOUNGS because many were my age] frequenting the cafe and ordering their coffees. I was utterly amazed at how many different types of coffee there are. Obviously being a non drinker I had never taken notice of all the different types of coffees styles, cups, milks etc. So as the day wore on and My J still wasn’t ready for pick up I dared myself to join the Claremont set and have a coffee.  The young Barista after raising his eyebrows and saying – “never drunk a coffee – Start with a long black because then you can add whatever you like as you become a connoisseur of it and I promise you, you will!”

So two long blacks later, with the young Barista after my second order saying “You have made my day”I left the cafe feeling pretty good!

I am now a coffee convert and look forward to every coffee order I make and using my filtered coffee machine at home.

 Until tomorrow – do hope you are having a great day.