Today’s Adventure: Family Catch Up

Jam Fact: I have always been told I have a lovely smile – not much of it when heart was in trouble but I am back smiling now and especially yesterday.

Yesterday we caught up with MY BK and SILJ in the Swan Valley. We had lunch together and a chat,chat, chat. They were on their way back home from a relaxing holiday in sunny Exmouth. As always it was lovely to see them and a plus that they both looked so well, especially MY BK who has had in recent times his own health challenges. 

We had good rains at home which was most welcome. Here’s hoping there will be some more over the next few days-  our part of the world sorely needs it. 

MY J spread some fertiliser on the oat crop so it had a good wash in. 

Today I am going into Northam to have lunch with my friend D. Spending time with D is always good for my soul. 

Tomorrow I shall tell you about MY TREE OF LIFE. 

Hope something special happens to you today. Until tomorrow -take care and be kind to yourself.  

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