Today’s Adventure: The Embroidery Project 
Jam Fact: I can sew. I wouldn’t use the word skilfully but I would give myself a pass.

I took up embroidery for the first time in my life after my first “heart attack” – stent number one. My school efforts, back in the days when sewing was part of the School Curriculum, were pretty ordinary.  I learnt a few embroidery stitches but it never took my fancy so to take it up in later life was a big effort for me. During recuperation I wanted something quiet to pass the time and so here I am thoroughly enjoying the embroidery challenge and am even working on a number of projects simultaneously! 

My Tree of Life Project

Why the Tree of Life – because completed ones are pretty impressive sights. My Friends R and Ju both have stunning framed versions and so UNYOUNG JAM said why not?

I ordered the printed project complete with cottons from Africa.  Not an easy task for UNYOUNG JAM but I managed to buy it online, even converted Aussie $ into African currency. Amazing what I learnt from Mr GOOGLE.  It took 6 months to receive my order from Africa. First there was a strike at the Post Office in Africa, then it got lost somewhere over the Indian Ocean and finally, with a little intervention from a friend it arrived.

I confess here that sometimes UNYOUNG JAM should think carefully before she acts. I am still on trainer wheels where embroidery is concerned – so when confronted with the printed fabric and instructions it suddenly dawned on me that there was an awful lot of long and short stitch in the Tree of Life. Now, one would think by the descriptor that it would be easy – simply a long stitch followed by a short stitch but no a tad more complicated than that. The long and short stitches need to blend seamlessly together. UNYOUNG JAM I said at the outset -This is not for you – it will do your head in! But my Friend R – an accomplished embroiderer is a very patient teacher and so she taught me how to do it. Well after multiple drafts and several UNYOUNG JAM made holes in the fabric I finally got it to a standard OK for me to use on my TREE OF LIFE project which I incidentally now call long and bloody Short Stitch because it was a challenge and yes it did do my head in on some days.

I am a pretty happy embroiderer right now because it is now complete and is ready for framing. Good thing when you frame with a glass cover – you can’t get close enough to see the mistakes.

Joining my Embroidery group has been one of best things I have ever done. Yes I have learnt to embroider BUT the really best part of it all is the company of the other 6 ladies. They are treasures.

Have a great day.





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