JAM FACT. I am a Capricron. MY J is a LEO.

We arrived at the 4 L’s early [Their delightful, full of life dog L was happy to see us and we were happy to see her too. ]

 so we could go and watch Teenage  L play Basketball. Although the team lost, Teenage L, I reckon was the best player on the court and he even shot a terrific 3 pointer at one stage.

We returned back to the L ranch for coffee, Mum L made me a lemon myrtle tea [definitely a new adventure] as I am not a tea drinker but I enjoyed it and intend to buy some. Teenage L shared his Gluten free Choccie biscuits and I really enjoyed it. Very Yum.

Lunch was at the Balmoral in Victoria Park. [We are spoilt for driving in the city chauffeur Uber L drove us again]  Lunch was really good – thank you L’s xx.

Teenage L had salt and pepper squid – “ It was very good but a bit salty.”  Young L had sliders. The best slider was the charcoal burger bun – “It was delicious.”

We wandered up the street to a biscuit place and Mum L bought us an apple and cinnamon delight each which we ate in the evening at home. Now they were very yum I must say. We must return there another day. Definitely!

We then arrived at an icecream place and yes MY J and I had a rum n raisin. It was a perfect way to end a lovely day. MY J and I look forward to our next outing with our favourite 4 L’s.


 Until next time – hope your day is happy. 

Salt and Pepper Squid, Sliders and Older L's Chicken Parmi with !!

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