Today’s Adventure: SHARED Celebrations 
Jam Fact: My favourite cake is an Orange Cake.

Yesterday our good neighbours JL and I came over for a morning tea to celebrate My J’and I’s birthday – both were born in the month of August. JL made an orange and poppyseed birthday cake. It was very tasty indeed. JL makes an excellent orange cake using her very own oranges. Always a treat to eat.

Today the sun is  shining and MY J and I are both feeling pretty good today so we did a bit of gardening. MY J pulled out some overgrown shrubs and I planted out some tomatoes and basil.

I also have had a good week with my steps -part of my recovery was to be able to walk 7500 steps a day.I have just completed a week of 7500 steps each day so it is all systems go. Rehab people this week will give me a heart tick for sure and that will make me very happy. 

Hope your day has been a good one.

Until tomorrow. Take care and enjoy yourselves.  

Just as well tractor and driver were available-shrubs too big for me to trim!

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