Today’s Adventure: MY COOKING EXPLOIT

JAM FACT: I am a reasonable cook but certainly not a gourmet one. So seeing as I am part of a brand new day and looking for my next adventure I think I am going to up the ante with my Chicken Breast for lunch. So here we go.

I have always bought ready crumbed chicken breast [lazy I know] but not anymore! I have discovered that I can cook a very easy and yummy crumbed chicken breast. My Friends R and M told me a good way to crumb and I surprised myself, despite the fact that the egg part didn’t initially stick to the floured chicken [there was more flour and egg on my hands but I have learnt – wet hands are better than dry ones for this part]  the crumbs were everywhere, plus I had used several dishes in the process of its making. The kitchen bench was a bit of a disaster zone but all in all MY J  and I have declared it a success AND I will be making it again another day- it’s on our future menu list- Yeah!

I am quite impressed with my efforts on this one – even if I say so myself. Giving myself a compliment comes from my good Friend ME saying to me lots of times when I was down – be kind to myself. 

So even though I am not planning to leave the property today I have still gone out of my way to do something different -something that gives me happy thoughts. And it  happened in my very own kitchen. I have even started thinking about what else I can do to boost my cooking prowess.

So on the positive thinking line I go and so it’s – start thinking and researching your options UNYOUNGJAM!

Have a good day everyone. 


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