Today’s Adventure: Epilepsy- Driver’s Licence annual renewal check.

JAM FACT:I have a form of epilepsy. It’s called Right Temporal Lobe Disorder. I was formally diagnosed with it about 25 years ago after a severe bout and I was unable to drive for 18 months.

I am well now – the drug I am on is very good but if I have a fit I am obliged to report it to my specialist and I lose my Driver’s Licence. They are the rules of driving here in WA and I abide by them.

Regular checkups are therefore essential to my ” head well being” and today I had my annual check up for my Driver’s Licence. AND I PASSED – YEAH!

MY J and I had lunch as a bit of a celebration afterwards because not being able to drive from where I live is pretty soul destroying. No convenient bus or train where I live, just MY J the chauffeur! He’s an excellent chauffeur but – Believe me when I say being independent is essential to one’s well being.

No avocado smash for lunch today – salmon and salad sandwich – my heart is happy!