Today’s Adventure: LUNCH WITH FRIENDS 
Jam Fact: I have been friends with G, ME, S and J for a LONG time. I was their Deputy Principal for many years and even though I was their “boss” – they still like me now some 40 years later.

We try to lunch on a regular basis. All of us have retired – I was the first – except S. S is my ‘photographer encourager’ and has taught me what I know about how to take a photo – a work which is still in progress.

 Our friendship has lasted simply because we love one another as friends – warts and all. And I have had a few warts over the years for them to contend with!

There is nothing better than lunching with them. They are so good for my soul.

Recently we met for lunch at Guildford and yes I had an avocado smash. Good for my heart! 

And my very good news is that- Yesterday I finished Rehab. Doctors, Nurses and Physio all very happy with where I am at. Very happy that I did not go into depression – this blog has certainly helped me remain positively focused by doing something every day. AND I promised myself that I would be able to touch my toes by the end of Rehab – and yes Mum I can! 

Until tomorrow -take care and be kind to yourself.


My Avocado Smash at Little Guildford Cafe. It was Yum!

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