Today’s Adventure: A BAKE OFF 
Jam Fact: I can make my Healthy Heart Rock Cakes without looking at the Recipe!

Today was my Bake Off Day.  I made the usual Rock Cakes and a tasty Apple Cake. My J declared them both a hit. I have made the Rock Cakes so many times that I know the Recipe off by heart! The only thing I have ever been able to make off by heart so that is an adventure in itself.

I am still ensuring that I do something different for myself every day – I promised myself I would after my last post heart attack depression. I thought it would be a real challenge but so far no problem.

I can do this!

I hope you have had a great day. Until tomorrow – take care and if you live in Perth and surrounds, enjoy this sunshine while it lasts.  I’m off to enjoy a Rock Cake.