Today’s Adventure: DOWERIN

JAM FACT: I love to go to Regional Shows

Yesterday the temperature here was 30 degrees. Yes, hard to imagine it being that hot at this time of year but it turns out it was the hottest Winter’s day ever recorded in Perth.

As MY J and I were both feeling well we decided to go to the Dowerin Field Day, which is about an hour and a half drive away from where we live.

The queue to get in was over a 100 metres long but everyone just waited patiently and chatted until we reached the check ins.

It was a great day – we saw some great sheep displays – we used to attend sheep displays regularly when MY J bred sheep and we caught up with Young L who was working on a stand. Lots of people enjoying themselves –me especially. By the time we got home, we both had pinkish faces from the sunshine but it was worth it.

Rainy here today and the temperature is half of yesterdays!

Until tomorrow – take care.



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