Today’s Adventure: Down to THE SORRENTO MARINA I WENT. 

JAM FACT: I love being by any kind of water – a big or small river, a creek, the ocean, a dam or a pool.

Yesterday I went down to the Sorrento Marina to have lunch with some of my very favourite people in the world– G, Me, S and J. They saved the seat by the window for me so I could see out over the water. The meal was great. Some of us couldn’t eat all our lunch -big serves. Not me I ate the lot!  I had a Macchiato, instead of a long black to finish.  Interesting flavour– may have another next time.

I was reminded by S my ‘photo specialist’ friend  to remember to take the photo from the top! And yes – a good shot was taken of my macchiato by UNYOUNG JAM!

Loved every minute of our time together – An excellent choice to lunch at

Until next time xx