Today’s Adventure: Planting my new seedlings 
Jam Fact: I like to grow vegetables and this coming year I plan to plant a whole lot just to make sure I am out and about and feeling positive about my life.

On the way home from my outing to the Marina I stopped at the garden centre and bought some vegie seedlings – zucchini, cucumber [that would be burpless for UNYOUNGJAM] basil, plus one tomato plant. [Only one tomato as it is still a little chilly here in the mornings with a bit of frost – I will get some more when Spring has truly sprung!]

My first rose has appeared on the Double Delight bush so am waiting to see if the colours are as vibrant as the blooms were last year. The other rose bushes are all with healthy leaves and are just starting to bud. Must be the extra dose of sheep manure I gave them –I have never seen them this good! 

A beautiful sunny morning here as I planted the seedlings but by the clouds had rolled in and the rain started. It is now almost 4 pm and the rain has not stopped. Great for the crops and for giving the newly planted seedlings a good drink.

No photos today – my little Nikon doesn’t go so well when the sun is not shining.

Tomorrow I will have a photo of my completed TREE OF LIFE to share. It definitely has come to life. Until then – Take care and look after yourself.