Buttermilk Pancakes

Today’s Adventure: MIDLAND 
Jam Fact: I am a “Nosy Parker” – I always want to know what is going on around me;can’t help myself. 

MY J has always affectionately called me his ‘Street Kid.’ Aptly named really, as I am always on the lookout for something and as a result am often falling over or knocking into things.

Today we went down to Midland Hospital and I managed to walk into a stationary car in the car park. I happened to be looking at another vehicle going past that I liked the look of. My leg is now somewhat painful and I can imagine what the bruise will be like when I check it out later.  Good thing about the hospital visit was I was shouted breakfast at a little cafe we often go to. It’s called www.sydandphyllis.com.

I had buttermilk pancakes with apple – my treat for the week. They were different but in a nice way – in fact they were a very nice change from my usual avocado smash.

We don’t have to go back to the Hospital for another 3 weeks so that in itself is a plus. We are all systems go!

Just checked the leg – yes a definite bruise, quite big for its size really. My message to myself for today is – stop being a “Nosy Parker” UNYOUNG JAM.

Until tomorrow.. take care – relax and enjoy yourself.

PS:No photos today – I forgot to take my camera with me but here is one of my favourites. 




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