Today’s Adventure: The back bush. 
Jam Fact: I like to walk. Good really because I need to do it to keep myself a healthy UNYOUNG JAM.

 Yesterday afternoon after coming home from Northam where I had lunch with my friend D;that was as always, lovely [we agreed we are going to have a campaign to lose some weight so we can reward ourselves with something nice and we started yesterday by not having cake with our coffees – we are so good!],   I went looking for wildflowers in our bush block.

I managed to snap away at a few wildflowers before I encountered, as I came over the rise of the hill, a mob of kangaroos grazing which scared the living daylights out of me. And they looked just as shell shocked to see me. We just stood and stared at each other and after what seemed like an eternity [obviously only seconds – my head has run away here] they high tailed it off down the hill, over the fence – the little ones went under and off into the 800 acres of bush at the back of us they went. 

My heart is clearly OK because my heart rate was still 140 when I managed to get myself together and look at my FFITBIT to check if all was well with me. In hindsight – always when my best thoughts occur, I could have got a great shot of the kangaroos but my brain did not think camera. I was so busy telling myself – it’s OK, you are OK etc.

I had by this time taken 42 photos of various things and I was thinking I would have a few good shots for my blog and ultimately for the little photo diaries I make.  Not so because  when I downloaded, most were blurred [clearly didn’t remember my Friend S’s tip – hold the camera in tight to your chest UNYOUNG JAM  and the camera will do the work for you] but that’s okay, as there weren’t a lot of wildflowers up there anyway.

My walk tomorrow will be down the hill, with hat, as the resident magpie has nested and will no doubt bomb me. The magpie is not the only one not in my good books at the moment,  others have beheaded my rose buds, nipped the flower heads off on the gerberas and pruned the new shoots on the geraniums.

But right now,I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Take care – Until tomorrow enjoy your day. I hope something good has happened for you.













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