Today’s Adventure: The  PANTRY gets a clean up.
Jam Fact:I am not really a tidy person.  

Today I tidied up my pantry. By that I mean I threw out all those things that have been stored at the back and are now out of date. I even found some tins with no clear use by date on – could have even been there since we moved in some nearly 20 years ago. So, the clean up is probably long over due. 

My pantry is a walk in so I have lots of room but none if you know what I mean – well none because things were a little out of control. I knew the time to tidy had come because MY J has recently been unable to find things – I mean even a ‘boy’s look’ should be OK for him to find the new packet of cinnamon for his cereal but lately he has had to ask for help to find  things – a good indicator I need to take some action! Also my Friend R has such an organised pantry, complete with labels on all manner of things. I was impressed when I saw it – so that was motivation for me to act. 

I also know that things would be easier to find if they were clearly labelled, organised in groups, not stacked on top of one another or thrown into the pantry nillywilly after a shop up. Reorganising will definitely be an asset now that we are UNYOUNG.

I began searching in the plastic / Tupperware [yes I still have some working pieces from God knows when] drawer for some storage containers. That was a revelation in itself. I found lots with no fitting tops and tops with no fitting bottoms! So a cleanup happened there as well as in the pantry, which thank goodness, now has some semblance of orderliness.

Note to self:

  1.  I need to get some more labels otherwise I will not know what is inside the storage containers [I know, should have used see through containers but there is only so much you can find in a storage drawer]and
  2. Need to buy some more containers – see through ones UNYOUNG JAM!

 So, whilst the cleanup is not yet complete, the pantry is looking better and the plastic storage drawer is now super tidy.

A productive day.

Until tomorrow – take care, laugh and be happy.





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