Today’s Adventure: SPRING HAS SPRUNG
Jam Fact: I love Spring time. For lots of reasons- gardening, new flowers, planting seedlings but not pulling the dandelion weeds. They are hard to pull for UNYOUNG JAM as they have a very strong root system. 

Overnight temperatures up here have been 1 degree or less for a few  weeks. Last night we had a heatwave – it was 6 degrees and today it is a glorious 31 degrees. Off with the jumpers and out with the wet suit. I can feel a swim coming on very soon.  

Gardening this morning, after my early morning walk and the Magpie wasn’t out so no swooping going on today. Yeah!

The Dandelions are a sure sign that the weather here has turned. They are everywhere. It is also fire burning season and since early morning the prescribed burn in the forest across the way has sent smoke sky high and into our front valley, so it’s an indoors day this afternoon.

I did manage to pull out a few dandelions from around the vegie patch so my pumpkin runners can have a clean run down the hill but it was sad to find that the poor old potato leaves have all been frost bitten, as has the basil. Shall have to try and resurrect some basil for the back door to keep the blowflies at bay – this warm weather has brought them out in full force.

Our little weather machine is forecasting rain in the next few days- not the best forecaster in town, the red tailed black cockatoos are the best indicator and they haven’t been around for weeks so not sure what the little machine is up to.

Tonight it is forecasting an 8 degree overnight – definitely warm days ahead.

Until Tomorrow – hope your day has been a good one.

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