Today’s Adventure: MJ has another blip. 

JAM FACT: I don’t handle adversity very well.

The last few days have been very stressful but worst case scenario has been averted and MY J and I can live with the outcome. A positive in amongst a negative I have learnt is a good thing. There are plenty worse off than us and I must remember that when I am feeling down about things. So onwards and upward yet again!

Yesterday I went retail therapy shopping with my very good friend ME. My ME bag was put to very good use and I made some very stylish purchases on ME’s good advice. An extra plus was that we met up with G and spent some lovely time together over lunch.

Roll on warmer days so I can show off my new shirt – An XS in size if you don’t mind!

I also completed my cotton purchases for my new cushion sewing project on the way home.

The outing was just what the Dr ordered.

An adventure a day – sometimes the adventures are really, really good, sometimes not so good but that can be life as an UNYOUNG.

Until tomorrow – A quote from a favourite actor of mine -Audrey Hepburn and I’m going with it.

Nothing is impossible – the word itself says -I’m possible.”  Take care.  








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