My Discoveries.


Jam fact: I made a promise to myself.

When I made the promise I would have an adventure a day I know I set myself a challenge. It was a good move really because some days I find it hard to motivate myself to do something.

So yesterday I made myself  walk the yard to see what has sprung since spring arrived.I’m so glad I did.

I discovered that:

  1. The nectarine is just bursting into bloom.
  2. My tomato bush has started to flower so tomatoes are on their way.
  3. My first rose of the season is out –how did I miss that?
  4. My grape vines have started to shoot.
  5. My blueberry will have fruit very soon.
  6. My first orchid flower is out – last time I looked the stalks were in bud and
  7. My first strawberry will be ready to pick tomorrow. I will have to get in early to beat our resident “Bung Arrow”- he likes to eat my strawberries although I am yet to sight him this season, so I may be in luck.


So all in all a lot has happened since I last did a walk around the house. If I had stayed inside feeling sorry for myself I would have missed several things that brought a smile to this little UNYOUNG’s face.   

Until tomorrow – spring has definitely sprung in my part of the world. I hope it has in yours too.





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