Today’s Adventure: Trip to KINGS PARK.

JAM FACT: Lately, I have been lazy with my diet and I sometimes find it hard to be “heart good.”

Yesterday MY J took me to Kings Park to see the wildflowers. It was great. We had lunch at the botanicalcafe.com.au – I had a very nice avocado smash.

BUT then – I couldn’t resist a scone and coffee. The scones looked so good and my head space said yes instead of no. That is a definite weakness that I must fix. Maybe I can restart my money jar.

During my heart depressing days the Psychologist suggested that I put $2 in a jar every time I had a negative thought about my heart not working… suffice to say I had over $200 in the jar within the first week. The goal was for me to reduce the amount in the jar each week. It helped to cure me of negative thoughts and I stopped going to the help centre after I got down to only $10 in the jar. It was a good strategy for me to use to get better.

So, I am going to turn it around and use the money jar as an incentive. Every time I don’t have a “sugar” fix I will put $2 in the jar and then use it to reward myself with something really special when I get to a good $ amount. My dark chocolate fix every day has to be reduced for starters so that will be a challenge in itself.  I had been good but I have slipped back of late so today I am not having any chocolate even though heart smart says it may be good in moderation. Trouble is this UNYOUNG JAM does not do in moderation very well but I know I can do it and the outing to Kings Park has now given me the incentive to seriously get back onto my Heart Smart diet – so that is a plus in anyone’s book – especially mine.

Until tomorrow –keep smiling – as they say … a smile is worth a thousand words.