Today’s Adventure: GOING TO CHURCH! 
Jam Fact: I haven’t been to an ordinary Church service in ages.

Our local Catholic Church is having a makeover – the colour selection has caused conversation around the town. Must be looking for customers to go that bright a green with a blue trim! 

My Mum always used to say blue and green should never be seen without something in between. I must say it does look good though – not quite sure I agree for a Church but it certainly makes a statement. 

I learnt yesterday from a long time resident of BH that the inside of this little church is worth a look. Apparently it has some very nice wooden features inside, so I said I would attend a service with her soon to see it. So to Church I go – not sure when but will keep you posted!  

The wooden Anglican Church across the road remains beige with a brown trim which was what the Catholic Church was before make over! One wonders if it will spur the Anglicans on to give theirs a revamp. We will wait and see.  

My Ducks on the dam took their babies for their first swim yesterday- didn’t have camera on hand to take a photo but they certainly enjoyed it by  the number of dip dives they did. It was a delight to watch.

Until tomorrow – stay safe and happy.

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