Today’s Adventure: Gardening. 
Jam Fact: I love Spring days.

An at Home today but I have had a great day out in the garden, doing some weeding and looking at how everything is looking just that much better now the spring sunshine is here.

The barley crop is looking green and healthy and it has made the ears, ready to harvest when it has dried off. That should be at about the end of November although if the hot days come in it may be earlier than that. The oat crop MY J put in is also looking good –not sure when that will be cut for hay –it is tricky this time of the year because you have to have at least 10 days of sun with no rain to get good bales of hay made.  

Tomorrow I will trim the orange and mandarin trees –they have grown too tall for us to reach the fruit without a ladder. And as I am a tad accident prone I am not sure me climbing a ladder to pick fruit is allowed or recommended anymore. I just so love being UNYOUNG! Apparently if you prune citrus you can’t kill them or so they said on the gardening show. I have never done it before so we will wait and see if they grow with gusto after the prune or decide that’s it – Kaput!

 Until Tomorrow – enjoy your day.