Today’s Adventure: PRUNING DAY

 JAM FACT: I like to walk in the mornings.

A beautiful Spring day here. My early morning walk was very eventful – heaps of birds around today and as I was trying to see the red headed parrots in the trees down the front gate I stood on an ants nest and two of the devils ran up my pant leg and bit me twice on the knee. My good knee too. Now I have two big red splotches, still in amongst the latest bruising patches the red is quite decorative really.

I planned to prune the fruit trees today but MY J is in the tractor doing firebreaks and my wrist is sore so that project will have to be another day now. But I did get some good orange blossom shots.

I plan to finish the next big flower on my “tray sewing project” today; could be finished by this time next week if I put a bit of effort in.

I was impressed by Maggie Beer last night on Q&A [although I didn’t think her top was her usual trade mark shirt style which I always  like] when she said UNYOUNGS should keep interested in life and do things. I’m right on to that Maggie – I make myself have “An Adventure A DAY”. So far since I started my Blog, I have succeeded. It really gets me out of my complacency mode and I have not relapsed into depressive “my heart is going to fail” thoughts. I am over that fear now and am really very happy with where I am at.

Until tomorrow –be happy, believe me it is much, much, much better than being sad.