Today’s Adventure: Downloading photos from my camera.

JAM FACT: I love to take photos.

Yesterday I spent a great deal of my time on a photographic adventure.

It is suffice to say at the outset that taking the photos is the fun part –especially on my new phone camera – getting them off my camera onto my laptop is however entirely another matter.

The exercise tested my brain power to the limits and this little UNYOUNG JAM lost her temper once or twice I must say.

The photos came off the phone OK but then went off into some obscure file on the laptop which took me for ages to find. Obviously I am in need of some lessons on this –shall have to wait until one of the 4 Young L’s come to visit so they can help me out.

I captured a rainbow yesterday morning on my walk – we quite often get them overlooking our front paddock but yesterday a complete rainbow with all the colours evident was visible. And that’s rare to see a full one. 

My super photographer Friend S has shown me how to take a full vista but I couldn’t for the life of me think of how to do it yesterday – I find these days that the little UNYOUNG brain doesn’t always think in the moment so I can capture a spectacular event.

I in fact got pictures of 3/4 of the rainbow on my phone camera BUT am unable to upload from the laptop to The Blog. I need to create a new section on my Blog to take new media uploads and I haven’t quite worked out how to do it  – YET! BUT I am working on it.  As you can imagine my brain is currently being tested to beyond its usual computer skill limits. 

Shall let you know when I have succeeded in doing it – in the meantime I shall take my trusty camera with me on my morning walks. I certainly can down load and upload from that.  

Until Tomorrow -be kind to yourself. 

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