Today’s Adventure: I have finished my project -YEAH!

JAM FACT: I like my effort on this one. 

I have been working really hard to get my Blue Project finished so the man can make it into a tray ready for someone’s Christmas present and I have finished it. I am very happy with the end product. I even learnt a new stitch. The instructions on how to do it almost did my head in but in the end I managed to do it OK.

My New Project will be some crocheting. Have not mastered it at all, so am going to have some lessons from A at sewing soon.

Hope fully this crochet  project will also be finished in time for a Christmas present. Not sure if those designated people will appreciate my sewing talents but I know they will say “that’s great” anyway!

So onwards and upwards; not many weeks to go until Christmas, so I am going to have to concentrate really hard but that’s OK because this little UNYOUNG’S brain needs some serious thinking to keep it in shape.

UNTIL tomorrow –enjoy your day.