Today’s Adventure:  Memories of DAD

JAM FACT: I love my DAD.

Today I made Bloomin’ Rissoles.

 The term bloomin’ came about when I was a child and it was used by my dear Dad whenever I asked him – which was a daily ritual between us for many years  – Dad, what is Mum making us for tea. If it was Rissoles I’d jump for joy because I love rissoles – especially My Mum’s but Dad was not a fan of mince, he said it reminded him of war time food when mince was very sparingly used in the air force camps hence his comment of Bloomin’! Mince meat was not something he fancied – even if it was disguised in a rissole.  

So the term Bloomin’ Rissoles continues to be said and MY J and I never miss taking the opportunity to reminisce about my dear DAD whenever rissoles are on the menu. Today, as I made the rissoles, I remembered his gardening exploits, especially those in later years when we loved eating his home grown tomatoes, beans and potatoes. If I need advice on any matter relating to better vegie growing his old gardening book comes in very handy.  I even have his old wooden handled tennis racket that he used to hit the white moths with. Dad rarely used chemicals and the old tennis racket antic was often humorous to watch him in action with it. I attempt to use it on them but don’t always have success plus the added factor of me falling over is also on the cards!  

So the Bloomin’ rissoles are ready to be cooked. My Dad is still a constant source of inspiration and I hope that I have inherited some of his special traits because he was one in a million.

Until tomorrow –be kind to yourself.


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