Today’s Adventure:THE MAGPIE SWOOPS.

JAM FACT: I like birds but not when they swoop me!

My walk this morning was very peaceful until I hit the back paddock area and then my peace dissipated into thin air.

We have what I call a resident magpie which lives at the bottom of the drive. Every year he swoops during magpie season and I am dressed ready for him in appropriate magpie fending off gear. He has been OK this season and not what I consider a threat at all. In fact he and I keep our distance and we get along just fine!

I did not know until this morning that we now have another resident magpie in the big white gum in the back paddock.

I was blissfully watching a mob of kangaroos nibbling on the crop in the back paddock – the crop is now tall enough that you can just see their heads above it – there were about 6 of them and it is very peaceful to watch them hopping around. We could turn the water off and they would move elsewhere but despite the fact that they damage the crop a lot, we quite like their presence on the block.

The magpie caught me completely off guard and when he swooped I got the shock of my life. He virtually hit me on top of my head and the force of his wings flapping made all my hair stand on end! Luckily no harm done and obviously my heart is in good shape as I live to tell the tale!

I high tailed it out of the paddock – he made two more attempts but this little UNYOUNG came home fortunately unscathed.

An eventful walk you could say and tomorrow I will definitely not be venturing that way that’s for sure.

Until then –take care.

Ps last night’s bloomin’ rissoles were a hit.


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