Today’s Adventure: Back to hospital I go.

JAM FACT: I have coronary heart disease. I have had another episode.

Well – what can I say except I have had another week that was but I am sure as hell  bouncing back yet again. 

Although I didn’t post on my blog, I certainly still had an adventure a day!  Probably not ones I would have picked for myself but none the less they were eventful. It is less than 6 months since my last episode so it came as a complete shock to the system as you can imagine.

The Ambulance ride this time was less scary[ although it did hit every tree in our driveway on the way out – we must cut them!] as I knew what to expect and getting an ambulance with a Registered Nurse on board was very lucky indeed and she managed to control my drama until we reached hospital which was a plus. The night in Midland Hospital was again eventful – given that Monday night is their busiest and some very interesting people in emergency crossed my path. Can’t complain about the care – it was excellent as was Hollywood’s.

 I’m back home again and my heart is okay but the  disease which actually caused the problem  is slowly progressing and so some more actions need to be put in place if I am going to make it to 100 which is still the  plan and I am not deviating from that. I refused rehab – god knows I have been enough times to write it myself with my eyes closed but I did agree to the dietitian.

I need to become a pescatarian – eat a plant based /fish diet. Bit of a nuisance but a whole new world is about to open up so I am onto it. Haven’t found too many recipes that appeal just yet but I’m sure they are out there.

I hope everything in your world is good. Until next time – take care!

The grape vines has grapes - Yeah! All I have to do now is to make sure our resident race horse goanna doesn't eat them first!

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