JAM FACT: I have a sweet tooth.

Today I am feeling much better although it is hard for my brain not to start thinking –will I have another episode any time soon?  It’s a real fear that I need to conquer so I need to get back into having positive adventures.

Today I baked my healthy heart Rock Cakes and researched where I can buy the book – “How Not to Die” which has been recommended for me to read by the Cardiac Unit. It is about the philosophy of eating plant based foods. Hope fully I can get a copy as it apparently may allay some of my fears so that will be a plus.

 I am going down to Rockingham for a Sewing Retreat for a few days. It will be nice to relax and recharge my battery.    I should get some good beach photos.

The photo above is An Iceberg Rose and Mr Armansco’s gerbera –both transplanted from my Mum’s garden and both looking very healthy. The Rose below is a climbing rose, Pierre de something which is flowering this year the best ever!

Until next time – stay safe and happy.