Today’s Adventure: I’ve been Holidaying, “Working” and still Adventuring every day – even though I haven’t been online. [There’s a reason for me being Offline!]

Jam Fact: I love sewing.

I have been away – no laptop so I couldn’t blog electronically but I did hand write an entry every day and here is one.

I went on a sewing retreat to Rockingham /Shoalwater Bay and it was very, very relaxing [ I spent many, many happy hours growing up and in my 20’s, so a bit of reminiscing went on]

The photo above is from the villa patio – I think you will agree – pretty nice! Well if you turn it sideways – haven’t quite worked out my phone downloading technique yet!]

The time away was just what this little UNYOUNG’S heart, body and soul needed. It refreshed me no end.

 I learnt how to do fine crochet –a long time yearning of mine. More on that later when I actually finish the project but it is suffice to say it was on my “bucket list” to do.

I also bought 2 new sewing projects which will keep me going for a while.

 Roll on 2020 Sewing Retreat.

Until tomorrow – Enjoy what ever life has to offer.



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