Today’s Adventure: I love my adventures. They make me happy.

Jam Fact: I have lost another kilo.

My adventures since my last heart “escapade” have been excellent. Nothing like a life scare to spur you on and into doing things that make you and especially one little beating heart happy. In fact, all my adventures since I declared “right UNYOUNG JAM” you need to start saying I can, I will and I am, have been in many ways so unlike UNYOUNG JAM’S character but all so good.

Yesterday I tried a Cafe Cappuccino again – verdict – it was OK but I won’t be changing from my LB anytime soon. That’s my second try at liking them and no, they just don’t do it for me.  Next cafe visit I might try a Mocha Cappuccino, just for the fun of it. I’ve heard they are quite good – so Cafe coffee adventure here I come.

UNTIL tomorrow – have some fun and enjoy your day.

PS The Sweet potato chips weren’t a hit – soggy instead of crisp so back to the Pescatarian Recipe Book I go.


The lavenders are still blooming; plenty of bees and the crops are drying off - by this time next week all will be golden in the paddocks.