Today’s Adventure: A bucket list tick off. – Make my own hanky.

Jam Fact: I can crochet – Well sort of!

I’ve never really had a bucket list but I have one now and one of the things on it is – Make my own hanky. [Yes I know not the usual thing to be one’s bucket list.]

I like hankies with lace or crocheted edges and some sort of embroidery in one corner and I have now made one of my own [well to be completely honest just the edging and embroidery bit.]  The crocheting around the edges was a challenge [thanks A for your patience in teaching me] but I managed to do it in the end and because it was a bit of a challenge head wise including the mastering of how to hang on to the cotton in order to actually do a crochet stitch in the first place, I am only going to say it was definitely a one off. Probably will just keep it for display and remind myself from time to time that yes I did it. Maybe I will keep it in my hand bag and then I can show it of when I can! 

The Adventure a day UNYOUNG JAM’S WAY blog, has been a boost to my well being and added to that are my Bucket List adventures so I am on a roll!

Until Tomorrow – stay healthy. 

P.S. 40 degrees up here today -it has reminded me to get our 2019 /2020 fire box ready – I reckon that the Bucket List Hanky should definitely be in that. 

P.P.S. The photo is not the best in town – must learn how to take better shots with a flash. And the yellow splodge on the side is not part of the masterpiece! 


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