Today’s Adventure: A DIFFERENT DAY
Jam Fact: I can grow potatoes.

Today the power was off from 5 am to lunchtime. Just as well today isn’t like yesterday’s temperature of 40 degrees.

We were given prior warning of the outage and the note was on the fridge but MY J and I both forgot. I have found now that I am UNYOUNG, forgetting has become part of my DNA although I do actively use supposed aids like – writing notes to myself, doing crosswords [without cheating] and cryptic crosswords which I must say sometimes do my head in.

Anyway we forgot so there was no smashed avocado on toast for brekkie [making note to self here to buy a gas toasting rack.]

When we have a power outage it means no running water, no online or landline phone.

I did discover for future reference though, that we have no mobile cover in the house but we do have it about 100 metres away up at the shed.[probably have it elsewhere on the farm but I didn’t test that theory out.]

So during the outage I walked, I de headed the roses – my red rose has so many flowers on some of the branches they are weighed down onto the ground,  I sewed, read some “Pesci” recipe books, planned my summer vegie patch and  harvested the potatoes – an excellent crop if I say so myself.

It was a power out day but I powered up and walked my scheduled 7,500 steps by lunchtime. Power to me!

Until Tomorrow – don’t forget to soak up this lovely spring sunshine.

PS – Made a potato pie using our home grown pots; hope it tastes as good as it looks.

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