Today’s Adventure: I have been “working” the last 2 weeks.

Jam Fact: I had a successful teaching career.

Working and getting paid – now that’s a turn up for the books!  No biggie though, I have just been supervising exams in Northam. The kids have been great and it has been a most enjoyable experience working with my co- supervisor Ma.

The drive back and forth to Northam gave me the opportunity to reminisce –not always a bad thing and I definitely just stuck to the good memories back to when I was a not so UNYOUNG teacher and Principal. [Although I must admit some of the F…Off JAM memories were hard to suppress but those were the days!]  

A pair of white swan, have nested on an island in middle of the Avon River. I was hoping to see the newborns before I finished my comings and goings but alas still sitting. One of them keeps cruising the river – well when I spy them that is what is happening. 

I am now having some fun planning how to spend my well earned dollars from my working experience.

Until tomorrow – treat yourself to something nice – I know I am!

Side garden still a maze of colour despite the heat.

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