Today’s Adventure: New Recipe! From the Vegetarian section too. 
Jam Fact: I like beetroot. 

Experimenting with Vegetarian recipes is fast becoming my new norm in the kitchen.

Yesterday I harvested some of the beetroot crop. They were a good size and boiled up nicely. The recipe was easy to follow [my kind of easy too so that was a plus]

Verdict on the finished relish – pretty tasty really.

Will I make that beetroot recipe again? Probably not but I am going to have a go at some purple onion relish – an expert vegetarian tells me is it just fantastic [all in the eye of the beholder I said under my breath!] I have discovered in my “veg” readings that purple vegetables feature very strongly in Vegetarian recipes and I’m OK with that.

We had a lovely surprise in the afternoon when Older L dropped in to see us on his way home. I gave him a piece of my carrot/ banana/ walnut cake; a vegetarian delight it said in the cookbook. I thought it was OK but MY J had already declared – no don’t make it again so I was keen to see what Older L thought. Men – they so stick together – he also said don’t make it again – very kindly though!

Very hot here 36+ the last few days so I plan to be indoors looking up new Vegetarian recipes – tasty ones I hope that receive the comment- yes make that again.

 Until tomorrow – be kind to yourself.





My first agapanthus of the season. That particular bush has 6 more stems to come. Should look a picture when they are all out.

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