Today’s Adventure: SNAKE MY J HELP!

Jam Fact: I love to swim in our pool.

Yesterday we had two scares.

Firstly a snake in the pool and secondly a fire across the way.

A snake in the pool – not the first time it’s happened but none the less it gives you a scare just the same when, in goes your foot and up out of the water comes a little snake head. HELP MY J! [Heart still beating, although a tad faster than I would like!]

It was only a baby one –about 40 cm MY J reckoned but a dugite and that is nothing to be complacent about because they reckon their bites are pretty potent if you happen to be on the receiving end of one. He/she was madly trying to get out of the water so MY J helped him and the magpies all had a feed [don’t read if you are into conservation+]

My swim after that was very relaxing although my eyes were peeled for a sister/ brother. They say snakes lay lots of eggs and now is the hatching time. The two worst times for snakes up here are November and March although we don’t get a lot; have killed about 3 in the 20 years we have been here – seen a few, plus tracks; there is a big fat one up at the shed [mice a plenty] but we have never actually seen it.  Wanneroo when we lived there – well MY J would kill at least 8/9 a season –tigers too.

Our second scare yesterday was an emergency warning in the late afternoon for a bushfire about 2 kms away. They brought in 2 helicopters and by nightfall it was back to watch and act and by the time we went to bed –all under control.

It was 41 here yesterday a, 3rd day in a row and today another scorcher.

Fingers crossed no more scares of any kind.

Until tomorrow – be happy.

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