Today’s Adventure: Hot with a capital H.

Jam Fact: I like to walk early in the morning.

This morning it was already 30 when I went for my walk at 6.45 am. All the birds were out drinking at all the troughs around the property. Even a few red tailed cockatoos were around. Not enough to indicate there may be some rain soon though. I shall be spending most of my time by the pool today and in it!

This last week of over 40 every day [42 is forecast here today] has turned the crops in every paddock, a beautiful golden colour. Won’t be long before the man comes to harvest the barley crop he put in way back at the beginning of June. It is looking pretty good so he should be pleased.

The temperature is currently 41; I expect by 3 pm it will have hit 42 and hopefully will then be on the way down. 

Until tomorrow -wherever you are – hope you are like me and staying cool.  


The red tails in full flight.