Today’s Adventure:  Discovering that my garden is surviving this heat.
Jam Fact: I love hydrangeas.

My hydrangea is flowering! The hot weather must have brought it on as it usually flowers late Dec /early January.

MY J and I were married in early Jan some 40 + years ago and my Mum grew blue [because I had a blue wedding theme] hydrangeas and filled heaps of basket with them – especially for down the aisle and beside the actual part where we stood for the vows etc. They were beautiful.

My Mum had several bushes out the front of our family home and she nurtured them for years [umbrellas over them on hot days so they didn’t burn] but especially lots of TLC the year MY J and I married.

I have always tried to grow one in a pot – you know for nostalgia  and the current plant has several flower heads on it this year. Not the size or colour that My Mum’s used to be but none the less it’s still going to look good when all the flowers are out.

My white camellia is also flowering – early too – hot weather again I’d say.

I shall learn how to dry a couple of hydrangea blooms this year; to use in some potpourri. I have found a recipe so that should be a fun adventure to do!   Never made it before so who knows what flavours/ smells the hydrangeas or more to the point me, will create.

Until Tomorrow  – when I am off shopping with my very good friend ME. Hope the shops are looking Christmassy because we are going to be doing some serious Christmas Shopping. Take care.   

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