ME & ME.

Today’s Adventure: Our Christmas Shopping expedition to Garden City.

Jam Fact:

I love the shops.

Yesterday my very special friend ME and I went shopping. We go every few months [ we both used to shop with our Mums and now we take their memories with us when we go] and this time we met at Garden City Shopping centre. We had a great day. I found everything I had on my shopping list and ME found what she was looking for.

I came home last night very tired BUT VERY happy!

On the way down as I was stopped at the lights at the Freeway turn off, I saw a Christmas bush. When I was growing up at Baldivis there were Christmas bushes everywhere. The Christmas Tree events which we went to every year were held at the Wellard Hall. There were heaps of Christmas trees around the hall which my family and I always loved to see, especially my Mum. You don’t see them at all up our way – not enough sandy areas plus we are gravel and loam so they definitely don’t grow here.  

Our next shopping expedition will be to go to the after Christmas sales. We think it will be to the Carousel Shopping Centre. I will have a list ready that’s for sure.

Until tomorrow – be kind to yourself.

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