Today’s Adventure: COUNTRY ESCAPADES.

Jam Fact: I love summer fruit.

Shopping today was a treat because some of the summer fruit was in. I love just about every type of summer fruit but my absolute favourites are peaches, followed very closely by cherries.

AND today they were in the shops so I stocked up and am about to have a pig out. Why I have to pig out on the first of the season I don’t know but I always do. Just love the first bites and yes I still make a wish every season on the first bite. [I think Mum told me to make a wish on the first bite when I was very young and here I am years later still being a kid and making a wish.]

My home grown strawberries however have met with disaster. Mr and Mrs Sleepy lizard [alias blue tongue lizards that I used to run over in my car until I met MY J –that’s a story for another day] have eaten the lot – greedy little devils!] Yesterday they were crawling back across the back lawn happy as Larry after being in the strawberry patch. We also had a youngish rabbit hopping around the front lawn eating the green grass, plus early morning there were 4 or 5 kangaroos in the front garden area also nibbling on the greens. I shall try to get a photo – too slow to get the camera  organised this morning! I would have to say that is country living at its best!

I have fingers crossed that the parrots are going to stay away from the apricot tree in the front paddock. It has an excellent crop on it this year. We always pick them in the week leading up to Christmas Eve –we pick as many as we can because we know that if we leave it until after Christmas Day the parrots will eat the lot.

There were no apricots or nectarines in the shops today but I am sure they and the rest of the summer fruit will be in the shops by next week and rest assured I will be there with shopping bags at the ready.

Until Tomorrow –take care.

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