Today’s Adventure: Christmas Baking 
Jam Fact: I like to cook. 

Now my vegetarian diet, well to be more truthful my pescatarian diet is going along OK. I have lost a kilo so something good is happening although the Dr told me not to lose any more weight –I have cut out cakes [only now and then eating those] and am now only having dark chocolate twice a week so maybe that’s the reason rather than vegetarian style eating!

Anyway Christmas is coming so I am starting to think about fruit cakes and shortbread and mince pies; all those tasty sugary treats! Whilst I might be watching my eating habits, MY J still likes and enjoys my baking.  I have an excellent recipe for a very tasty Christmas cake given to me by my good friend G so I have recipe out and am making my list of what I need  to buy at my next shopping outing. I hope this year’s effort will be better than last year when I completely mucked up on the oven temperature and after 5 hours of me thinking the temp was at 150 it was still doughie so I gave up and took it out of the oven.

It wasn’t until the following day that I discovered the temp was actually only on 50 –no wonder it was not cooked. After “Googling” and finding you can’t recook a fruit cake MY J said – well let’s have it as pudding and we did and we cut slices – zapped it in microwave –added custard and ice cream [MY J + cream] it was pretty dam good even if I say so myself!

BUT this year I am going to get it right. Stay tuned! Plus I will be using some Vegetarian Christmas cooking ideas, won’t that be fun!

Until Tomorrow – [ no photo today, that’s last year’s cake photo, battery flat in camera -but note all the holes in the top of the cake,that’s where I was poking a skewer in to see if it was cooked and no it was not! ] – remember to do something different for yourself just because you can.