Today’s Adventure: A 10th Birthday Party

Jam Fact: I love birthday cakes! Always have, always will!

This week YOUNGEST L had a birthday. We were invited to the coffee and cake celebration. The cake was a cute little chocolate dog and she was very yummy. I say she, simply because she looked like a girl dog, given the ribbon!

 For those who couldn’t eat cake because of allergies there was an ice cream cake as well. MY J and I had a bit of both  and reminisced with the other oldies present about when we were kids and the cakes we had – especially the ice cream ones.

Everyone who had the combination of both cakes declared it a winning dessert. I am going to check out the ice cream dietary levels next time when I am shopping.

YOUNGEST L enjoyed her birthday treats and pressies and we all had a great night.  

Tonight I have made a Rhubarb pie using rhubarb from our garden and I tried out a new recipe from the Vegetarian Cookbook I have. It looks tasty enough AND it looks exactly like the book’s picture of it – now that’s a rare thing for me to achieve!  

It probably will not be as not as sweet as the doggie birthday cake but just the same I think it will be a winner with MY J. I will let you know tomorrow.

Until then take care.

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