Today’s Adventure: A WONDERFUL DAY OUT  Jam Fact: I love spending time with my sewing group.

My sewing group has an outing once every 4 weeks. It was something we agreed upon last January whilst we were sewing and talking – I do a lot of talking at sewing; can you imagine that?!

It was M’s turn to say where and the destination she chose was Fremantle and I was very happy about that because I love going to Fremantle.

There are seven in the group and we live at various places around Perth so we always have a central meeting place before we begin the adventure for the day. This time it was the Perth Railway Station – 4 of us caught the train from Guildford and when we arrived in Perth we piled off only to find out from the 3 already waiting for us that we needed to get back on because that was the train going to Fremantle.  

I was completely bamboozled as I don’t often travel by train and am certainly not used to a lot of people around me. But all righted itself and away the train went.

It was great to walk around Fremantle – we had coffee and shopped and then had a very nice lunch down at the Fishing Boat Harbour.  Everyone had a fish dish of some kind, I was good, I had vegetarian pasta and it was YUM!

I bought a pair of yoga pants. I am thinking of going back to yoga as it has a very beneficial effect on me.

I walked over 12000 steps during the day and slept like a log that night. It was a wonderful day out with a wonderful group of friends. Not sure where our next adventure will be but I expect it will be great where ever we go because I love spending time with my sewing group. They make me feel so good.

Until tomorrow – stay cool.


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