Today’s Adventure: Do I read books of all types of genre? NO only those with happy endings.

JAM FACT: I love reading.

I have always loved to read books BUT only books with happy endings. I can read those that have death and disaster throughout the book but not when it is at the end. I just can’t leave a story with unfinished business, more so since the heart episodes. Too much stress and I am here for happy adventures to play out in my life.

This morning MY J took me down to the local library in Mundaring, to get a new supply of books. I do use my e reader from time to time but if I can, I like to actually physically hold a book. Not all the librarians like my borrowing habits – wait for it –Yes I read the last page of the book. That is my signal as to whether I borrow the book or not.

One of the Librarians [a happy one] usually points me to any of the new books that have happy endings. One of the other Librarians [a not so happy one] thinks very poorly of me and tends to frown when she sees me take a book from a shelf, open to the last page and then either put it in my bag or put it back on the shelf.

When I used to take my MUM to the Dianella Library she always went to the return trolley to find her books. She figured if someone else had read it, it must be good. Believe it or not I do that too! Like Mother, like daughter as they say.

Anyway I now have a supply of books for the next few weeks – some more vegetarian recipe books [ last night’s rhubarb tart was a success] In fact I have about 15 books on loan today, we are allowed 20 these days but I couldn’t find that many.

So it’s an afternoon of reading in store for me and I am definitely very happy with that scenario.

Until tomorrow – take care and enjoy your day.

This book is about life in a Scotland Village. Picture definitely says a Happy ending - so its definitely got JAM'S name written all over it!

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