Today’s Adventure: Early morning walk 
Jam Fact: I like to walk in the early morning.

I have always walked but I seriously do my 20 minutes every morning since the latest heart episode. I also do some cardio weights but I am not too good at those I must admit.

This morning there was heaps of bird life around. The best were the kookaburras –laughing as they swooped from tree to tree. I was unable to get a photo because by the time I got the camera out and focussed they had moved on. I really need to up the ante on my photography!

I also had a good look at the vegie patch. No blueberries – I hope the birds enjoyed them because they were plump and juicy this year [well the samples I tasted were before the bird swoops occurred], no strawberries as Mr and Mrs Goanna fed on those tasty bites but I do have lots of flowers on the pumpkins so that will be good and the best bit with them is that nothing eats them.  We usually get enough to last us a whole year and I reckon by the number of flowers and with the bees happily working we should be in for a good crop.

I also noticed that my red flowering climber plant has taken off- not sure of its name but I shifted it to a new pole on the back veranda and it is now looking much better.

I started my day at daybreak and after my walk had a leisurely breakfast with MY J so all is good here in my little corner of the world today.  

Until Tomorrow – enjoy yourself.

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