Today’s Adventure: In the pumpkin patch. 
Jam Fact: I LIKE to eat PUMPKIN – boiled, mashed, baked or in a fruit cake.

In my last entry I reported that the pumpkins were growing profusely and flowering lots. Well not only are they flowering but because of the hot weather the bees have worked overtime and the little pumpkins have already started to form.   There are literally heaps of them. So a good crop is now guaranteed.

MY J says it is because of his watering and TLC plus his regular fertilising of said pumpkins. He is most probably right – much to my chagrin!

The hot weather is back with a vengeance but that’s OK because the veggie garden is flourishing.

The barley crop is looking good too,all golden in colour  – they should be here to start harvesting anytime late today or early tomorrow. Can’t of course do it if it is too hot and there is a harvest ban on but no doubt we will hear the machine starting up soon. It is already parked in the paddock.

Until Tomorrow – have fun!